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Our core area of competence is Teaching Advance Technical Analysis for share trading to all Stock market aspirants.


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Read detailed Elliott Wave and Price Action Analysis Reports on Gold, S&P 500, Crude Oil, Dax 30, Nifty 50 and many other instruments.

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Our students prove this by their successful career in the stock market. Ramesh Nadar is a skilled trader & a passionate trainer having more than 5 years of experience in Equity, Derivative Markets.

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Become a professional stock market trader, uncover new trading opportunities and get exposure to multiple assets and markets with NiftyXperts

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About NiftyXperts

NiftyXperts is a Creation of Ramesh Nadar, with over 18 years of Financial & Investment Consulting Services and tax planning services in Mumbai. We started Full time Share trading and Training since 2012. Our core area of competence is Teaching Advance Technical Analysis for share trading to all Stock market aspirants.

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We teach you proven methods and techniques for successful trading and investing through the use of risk management, trading fundamentals, technical analysis and real-world applications.

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Client's Testimonials

An Excellent teacher …Wonderful trader and a person with super powers in reading charts,the analytical skills . Rameshji is a person with vision and a good human being too . He believes as his slogan says “Together we can learn and Earn” He is firm on his rules and if those dont follow will have to bear the losses . Am proud to say he is my Nifty Guru ….Thank you NiftyXperts.

One of the greatest regrets that i have, is going by hearsay… believing in people without any personal
experience and loosing hard earned money in the markets…I am glad by joining NiftyXperts and
Mr.Ramesh Nadar’s expert views and charts I am on my way to regain my losses

NiftyXperts teaching method and model is extremely simple in understanding and applying…the
experience from which Mr.Ramesh Nadar brings his teachings are unparalleled

I believe it is important to tell people in simplest of words and most practical ways how to use the
information shared with them, NiftyXperts has nailed this quality in the most effective manner

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