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Maruti..30th March 2020 EOD view…Will it HIT 3210 Next ??

Hi All Maruti has CRASHED form 10000 to low of 4000. 60% CRASH

BNF Trade SETUP 30th March 2020..>830 Points in SHORT>>>>Next ??

Hi All BNF today after a BIG GAP Down had given a nice

Nifty TradeSetup for 30th March 2020.>>245 Points in SHORT>>>

Hi All Trading is all about the RIGHT Trade SETUP. After the BIG

Nifty view for 31st March 2020 END>>>> Is the Bottom Done for Nifty ??

Hi All After the Severe CRASH form 12430 zones ATH to low of

CRASH of 2020…Same like 1987 or 2008…..How will Markets MOVE Next..>>Ready??

Hi ALL From the Time NIFTY HIT ATH near 12430....we have held our

Nifty 25th March 2020 at 11am….at 7800….BUY or SELL NOW ??

Hi All Nifty after being Range bound since open till 11 am is

BNF view for this Week…25- 26th March 2020.>>> Will we SEE 13500 -14000 Soon!!

Hi All BNF and Nifty CRASH is not over yet. Every Bounce Bulls

Nifty view for EXPIRY>> 25th -26th March..>> Next LIFELINE will be CRASHED 7360 – 6300 ??

Hi All This CRASH of 2020 is Very Severe than the 2008 and

BNF Trade 23March 2020 >> 950 Points in SHORT Done>>>> NEXT ??

Hi All BNF Amazing Trades today morning 1st Trade at OPEN was LONG

Nifty 23rd March 2020 Week View…..Fall Over or More Fall to Come ??

Hi All Nifty Crash from 12430 Zones was Clear TL Resistance zones Plus