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Online Courses - Revolutionized Learning - Handsome Returns - Live Trading

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Elliot Waves Principles & Dow Theory

How to apply Elliot Wave principles in Indian Stock Market and predict future targets for Jackpot Profits.

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Advance Technical Analysis Workshop

Keep Trading simple. Learn the most powerful profit delivering Technical Analysis from the BEST

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Expiry Jackpot Trading Techniques

Earn 100% to 500 % every week in Bank Nifty weekly Expiry, with our Secret Expiry Jackpot Trading techniques.

Course Details

  • Earn above 50% to 70% Profits with only 3 to 4 trades in a month
  • No Overtrading
  • Learn how to predict future Price movements for next 2 weeks to one month
  • Trading with confirmed trade signals
  • How to predict future targets and reversal days / zones
  • Trading techniques can be applied in all segments. Viz : Equity / Commodities / Forex
  • 20% Theory and 80% Practical’s and how to make BIG Profits
  • Over 500 charts on Assignments during the Course sessions
  • Each technique will be covered with max practical examples
  • Weekly Assignments & Query Sessions during the entire Course
  • Interactive Online Webinar Sessions with Live Recordings
  • Monthly Review and Support Service sessions for Next 6 months
  • Excellent Support service on phone / email (Chart analysis) after the Class.
  • Personalized attention to every student during the training sessions
  • Learn how to trade with discipline in the stock market
  • Money Management rules : How to manage your money and grow over next one year
  • Risk Management : How to manage your trade with minimum risk and maximize profits
  • How to control Greed and Fear while trading in the stock market
  • Course is suitable for Beginners, Experienced traders.

Course Schedule

  • 10th June 2018
  • 16th June 2018
  • 17th June 2018
  • 23rd June 2018
  • 24th June 2018
  • 7th July 2018
  • 8th July 2018

Course Syllabus

Segment: Equity Cash (Position Trades)

The most simple and safest trading Technique for delivery trades in Stocks with 4 days to 8 days holding with confirmed trade Signals for BIG Jackpot Profits.

Segment: Derivative Options Trading

Best Segment to trade with Small Capital for Jackpot Profits every month in Nifty and BankNifty and Stock Options.

Trading Techniques:

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1 Intraday Secret Trading Technique:

The Best and Simple trading technique for Intraday with easy entry and exit levels in Live market.

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2 Delivery Trading Techniques:

No need to trade every day. No overtrading. Trade with confirmed trade signal and technical parameters for Jackpot Profits. Only 2 to 4 trades in a month, Make 50% to 70% in a month.

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3 Rally Trades:

Identify Pattern breakout Rally in advance in Stocks and Nifty and Banknifty for jackpot Profits.

Following topics will be covered in details

  • How to use RSI to identify future Trend reversal and future targets
  • How to identify Critical Support and Resistance Zones and possible reversals zones
  • How to identify intraday future price directions with OI ( Open Interest Data) Study.
  • How to use Channeling techniques to identify future price targets
  • How to use Fibonacci to identify future price target in uptrend and downtrend
  • How to use Basic Elliot wave study to identify future market movements and targets

More topics covered as below

  • Trading rules to follow best Risk Reward ratios
  • Money management rules to follow for Wealth creation
  • Portfolio and Investment Planning for long term wealth creation

Other features of our Online Webinar Sessions

  • Online webinar conducted on weekends and Holidays only
  • Each session is of 2 to 2.5 hrs
  • Webinar Sessions are Interactive with all students participating with live discussions
  • All webinar Sessions are recorded Live.
  • Webinar recordings are provided to students for Practice.
  • Webinar conducted in English and Hindi Language.