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Nifty 18th May 2020 EOD View>> For EXPIRY>>>8850 Support BROKEN >>Next ??

Hi All
Nifty as Predicted in my recent blogs has slowly been breaking all major Support on the DOWNSIDE<<<<Even RIL has not been able to hold the NIFTY
9150 GONE
9050 Also GONE
8850 Also BROKEN
Today 8800  HIT>>>>
So next is what??
THe Expansion Pattern which we have been Tracking along with Advance Technical Studies have given JACKPOT Profits to all our PREMIUM Club members,
From Open Short at 9158 to 8800
Over 350 POINTS done in SHORT with 9200 PE

Nifty 11th May 2020 EOD>> Expansion Pattern Support..>>BIG MOVES Coming.>>>READY ??

In my 11th may 2020 Blog had shared the Pattern in progress for BIG MOVES>>>
HAPPENED as predicted
From 9300 to 8800.
Rally Trades
One Trade recover your Monthly FEES

Nifty 6999 pm
BANKNIFTY>>>8999 pm
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